Maintenance Contract


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a properly maintained Heat and Air system!

Maintenance Contracts provide many financial benefits in both commercial and residential properties: 


Property Manager Benefits:


Whether a commercial or residential property manager you can gain a helping hand by having Luxe Heat & Air assess and maintain the condition of one of the most expensive and important aspects of almost every building's systems.


In situations where your tenant is responsible for the maintenance of their units Luxe Heat & Air can be referred as a trusted value driven resource to provide consistent maintenance across a campus, individual building, or portfolio of properties.


Demonstrate to your clients that you have their best interest in mine by protecting their assets in even the most mundane manner by assuring their building systems are taken care of and perform at peak efficiency allowing the system to not only reach its anticipated life span but extend years beyond.


Contracting or requiring your tenants to commit to a contract sets a standard of care for your property for your tenants to adhere to. Additionally the tenant benefits by reduced utility bills when units are performing at peak efficiency.  Maintaining their expected level of climate control con also significantly reduce the number of tenant complaints received in seasons with extreme temperatures.



Property Owner Benefits:


Whether you are a home owner, investor / landlord, or have a vacation home / vacation rental we find that you often not only experience the benefits above but also recognize future savings by maintaining newer systems, revitalizing old systems, and lessening the frequency of replacing systems.


Even if your tenant is responsible for your rental property's unit you are taking a gamble that it dies on them, not you.  Proper maintenance plans can assure they are taken care of and have the longest lives possible regardless of who is responsible.


And as a Homeowner a maintenance plan can help prevent being frost bit during the first big freeze when you find your heater doesn't work. 



Maintenance Contracts include:


  • Scheduled System Inspections (monthly, quarterly, or major season change (2/year) intervals

    • includes air filter change with each visit

  • priority status on service calls

  • 10% discount on all preventative maintenance & repair work performed


For additional information or to request a contract quote please contact us today!